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Our Environment Is One Of Our Most Important Resources And
We Must Protect It

The Mississippi Delta has some of the most fertile farmland in the country. Just about anything can be grown in the Delta. That's why our environment is one of our most important economic resources.  

Ty chopped cotton as a teenager and grew up on farms throughout the Delta. He takes seriously the importance farming plays in Mississippi. He will fight to protect our agricultural environment because so many Mississippians' jobs and way of life are on the line. 

For a long time, science has shown us unequivocally that climate change is man-made, and we are rapidly running out of time to mitigate its causes. We see its devastating effects right here in Mississippi–record floods, devastating hurricanes, and tornadoes. These can be clearly tied to an increase in global temperatures. These recurring events cost lives and billions of dollars in damage. And while they hurt all Mississippians, they disproportionately impact our most vulnerable communities.

Politicians today are beholden to the fossil fuel industry–they are in the pay of corporations acting greedily and irresponsibly, in their own self interest. And as a consequence, they are reluctant to act on the environmental issues we are so starkly facing–while oil companies have been permitted to eat up billions of dollars in subsidies at the expense of our environment and hard-working families.  As your next Senator, I will seek to stop handing out gigantic tax giveaways to big oil companies, and start investing in our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

As your next Senator, Ty will focus on three things: 

  • Investing in sustainable, resilient infrastructure to meet the energy demands and preparing an energy structure that our kids and grandkids can depend on. 

  • Encouraging our farmers to adopt climate-friendly sustainable agriculture practices. Practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or sequester carbon and nutrients in plants. 

  • Supporting economic policies that encourage other countries to get on board and reduce emissions. 

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