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Common Sense Gun Reform

We must prioritize public safety and well-being by passing common sense gun reform

America has always been built on the foundation of balancing our freedoms with responsibilities. When we talk about the need for 'common sense gun laws,' it's exactly that balance we're aiming for.


That’s why I support legislation like H.R. 7910, the Protecting Our Kids Act, which addresses multiple facets of our current gun control issue such as:


Minimum Age Requirement: Research points to the majority of mass shootings being carried out by young individuals. Given that our brain's impulse control areas aren't fully developed until around age 25, increasing the minimum age for gun ownership is a rational step. 


High-Capacity Magazines: The alarming reality is that high-capacity magazines enable shooters to cause more harm in less time. A significant majority of voters, 64% as of 2021, support banning these magazines. And when we look at instances where heroes were able to subdue shooters during reloading, it becomes evident that limiting bullet counts can make a difference.


Gun Trafficking: Strengthening our stand against gun trafficking is pivotal. Chicago stands as an unfortunate testament to the problem of gun trafficking, as it suffers from firearms brought in from states with looser regulations. H.R. 7910 aims to amend this by expanding the definition of trafficking and imposing stricter penalties.


Safe Storage Laws: With almost 14,000 children dying from gunfire between 2009 and 2019, we must prioritize safe storage. Secure storage not only protects children but also helps prevent thefts, which account for around 380,000 guns every year.


Assault Rifles Ban: There's empirical evidence that suggests the 10-year ban on assault rifles did reduce the rate of mass shootings. Since its lapse, assault weapons have sadly become the preferred tool of mass shooters. We need to question why civilians need access to these instruments of destruction.


Background Checks: It's concerning that, currently, individuals can bypass the background check system through private sales and gun shows. With an overwhelming 88% of Americans supporting comprehensive background checks, closing these loopholes is a mandate from the public.


Red Flag Laws: Red flag laws, are a proactive approach to preventing potential tragedies. They allow those close to a person, who might be in crisis, to intervene legally. These laws have shown their effectiveness in states that have adopted them.

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